Unique Brown Canvas Cotton with Tibetan Endless Knot

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Large enough to fit a 13-inch HP Chromebook, beautiful luck-bringing embroidery, and high-quality canvas cotton. This backpack is sure to be your new everyday bag!

➼ Height = 14 inches
➼ Width = 11 inches
1) Little pouch on the front for pens, masks, hand sanitizer, phones, etc.
2) Vertical zipper pocket
3) Small compartment
4) Medium compartment
5) Main compartment
6) Laptop compartment (Can fit 13-inch HP Chromebook!)
7/8) Water Bottle Holders (With an adjustable tie to tighten or loosen)

♥ The Endless Knot Meaning
This symbol is very powerful and rings so true to some that the endless knot is a common tattoo idea. The Endless Knot is a symbol of the eternal cycle of struggle. The two strands of the knot represent the intertwining of two conflicting sides that join in harmony, the meaning being that all events are related through cause and effect.

➼ 100% Canvas Cotton
➼ Adjustable Strap
➼ Trendy Design
» Aesthetic Colors
» Handmade in Nepal by talented artisans
» Washable

This adorable mini backpack is the only backpack you’ll need for biking, traveling, hiking, music festivals, yoga, and more! Handmade with the love and dedication from artisans in Nepal, the profit we make from our products also goes back to support the artisans as well as their children. So not only will you be happy with the quality of our backpacks, but you’ll also know that you’re benefitting a good cause.

These eco-friendly backpacks are made of cotton fabric, making them soft and durable. We believe that the function of a backpack is VERY important and customers always have nothing but praise on the quality of our products.


**Due to the fact that this is a handmade patchwork product, it should be expected to have slight variations in patch placement. So be ensured that your backpack will be UNIQUE! :)