Six-Pocket EPIC Fanny Pack Unisex Hip Hugger Sports Pack

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You've been needing a fannypack. Well, look no more. THIS is the fannypack for you! :) ➼ Silver studs, zigzag designs, and SIX POCKETS! ➼ Wear as a fanny pack OR a crossbody bag ➼ Adjustable Belt Length (Waist/Hip/Shoulders): 35 inches - 40 inches ➼ Big Pocket Dimensions: 6 inches X 4 inches ➼ Smaller Pocket Dimensions: 4 inches X 3 inches ➼ SIX TOTAL COMPARTMENTS! - TWO Wide compartments (closes with a metal buttoned pocket AND zipper) - Smaller TWO pockets (closes with metal buttoned pocket AND zipper) - TWO Secret Compartments on Back (Zipper Pockets) - Secret Back Pocket (closes with zipper) ➼ Jogging, hiking, running, shopping, biking, dog walking, running errands, and more! ➼ Thick, durable Canvas Cotton ➼ Eco-Friendly + VEGAN! ➼ And of course...FAIR TRADE!!! :) This fanny pack has it all. Studs, trendy color, adjustable belt, thick cotton, adorable design, comfortable fit...what more could you possibly NEED? This fanny pack is perfect for running errands, jogging, sports, hiking, biking, walking, and anything else you can possibly imagine. Go ahead...zoom in to get a better look at the gorgeous silver stud accents! The cotton allows for a soft and durable but light feel to the fanny pack that you'll surely never want to leave the house without ever again. With your purchase of this trendy fanny pack, you and your fanny pack are sure to be ATTACHED at the hip...literally. ;) At Like International, we know that FUNCTIONALITY is important. That's why even though our products are BEAUTIFUL, they also are practical. Besides the beautiful silver stud accents that add a bit of flair, the fanny pack is SUPER durable and is sure to last you a long time. In other words, say goodbye to your days of dangling bulky purses or having occupied hands. With FOUR total compartments, you'll never have to worry about having too many things. Not only will you be satisfied with your purchase, but you'll also be fulfilled because your money is going towards a good cause. Our dedicated artisans and their families back in Nepal and India rely on your purchases to send their children to school and be able to live happily. So what are you waiting for? Add this beauty to your cart NOW! Do you like this product? Wanna see more? BROWSE THROUGH OUR SHOP TO FIND MORE COLORS, DESIGNS, AND PRODUCTS!!! Six-Pocket EPIC Fanny Pack Unisex multi purpose west pack Cute Fanny Pack Hip Hugger Sports Pack Running Belt Bum Bag Men and Women 100% VEGAN Handmade renaissance belt purse bag