Turtle Lotus Incense Burner Elegant Size Holder Room ,home Decor

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♥ Height: 3.8 inches (approx. 10 cm)
♥ Cute + Detailed Turtle Base
♥ Elegant Lotus Design
♥ Opens and Closes
♥ Great for incense burning or just for home/room decor!
♥ Place/Light incense on nightstands, tables, counters, and more to change the atmosphere and feel of the room
♥ Perfect to light small candles or incense

With an amazingly detailed turtle base and beautiful lotus flower opening, this Incense Burner/Candle Holder is the perfect fit for that decor piece or incense burner that you've been looking for! Twist the holder by holding together the high-quality lotus leaves and watch the beautiful flower appear before your very eyes!

Use this gorgeous Candle/Incense Holder in any room to bring the soothing smell of incense or your fragrant candle through the atmosphere of the room. Not only that but having this beauty in your room will surely give your home the gold-accented decor that it needs! Thank you SO much for your support. :