Elephant Multi Black and White Circle Tapestry Boho Bedding Linen Bedding Tablecloth Picnic Blanket Handmade Ethnic Decor Handmade in Nepal

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HELPFUL DETAILS: ✿ Soft + Durable 100% Cotton ✿ Approx. 80 inches X 54 inches ✿ Use as boho bedding, picnic/beach blanket, wall hanging, tablecloth, fence cover, curtain, canopy beds, etc. Get creative and search for other ideas! ✿ Multi Orientation (You can hang both vertically and horizontally) ✿ Colorful Colors and UNIQUE Designs ✿ Perfect as a gift for housewarming parties, graduation parties (every grad wants some dorm decor), birthdays, holidays, and more! ✿ Perfect for brightening up any room ✿ Proceeds from purchases go to support our SUPER talented artisans :) ✿ Eco-Friendly and of course, FAIR TRADE! <3 Your walls need some color. But don't worry. THIS tapestry is the one for you. Our tapestries are not like the kind you could find on Amazon or any other big-name stores. With its gorgeous colors and eye-catching designs, it will transform any room that you place it in. You can hang this up both horizontal and vertical. Due to the uniqueness of tie-dye, when buying the multi-color option, please note that color variations should be expected. Use this ethnic work of art as a bedspread, bed cover, curtain, wall hanging, picnic blanket, table cloth, sofa covers, or all of the above by buying multiple! ;) This item is made with 100% cotton making it soft, durable, and machine-washable. Not to mention, ADORABLE! I mean, just LOOK at that those elephants. Nothing can beat coming home to the sight of this gorgeous work of art in your home after a long day. Not only will you be satisfied with your purchase, but you'll also know that your money is going to a good cause. Our hardworking artisans and their families back in Nepal and India are so happy that their dedication to their work is being acknowledged and used. Just imagine hanging this beauty up and proudly smiling at the envy of your friends. There's a reason that tapestries are pictured ALL over social media...they just give your room the final touch. They even make the perfect gift for ANY occasion: housewarming parties, graduation parties (every graduate wants something to spice up their dorms), birthdays, holidays, or even just a random surprise gift to that elephant lover in your life. All other details aside, this tapestry is ele-FANTASTIC ;). You know you want to...add it to your cart NOW! MAKE SURE TO BROWSE THROUGH OTHER COLORS AND DESIGNS AND FIND THE RIGHT TAPESTRY FOR YOU! Elephant Circle Boho Bedding Indian Tapestry Wall Hanging Linen Bedding