Red Root Chakra Singing Bowl High Vibrational Handmade Tibetan Chakra Bowl

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Meet our Red Root Chakra Singing Bowl. ❤️

This chakra bowl is for those ready to find their personal power. Responsible for increasing self-confidence, when the Root Chakra is blocked, one can feel fearful or insecure. Also known as the Base Chakra, this chakra is located at the very bottom of your spine and is the source of all physical and spiritual energy for your body. So if you or a loved one are looking to grow your self-confidence and leave behind insecurities, THIS is the bowl for you to keep and play or to gift!


• Comes with a singing bowl, cushion, high-quality case, AND a wooden mallet for playing!

• Beautiful and Shiny RED Color

• Portable/Travel Size so you can take the good vibes wherever you go! :)

• Size: 3 inches

• Made of High-Quality and Elegant Looking Bronze!

• Perfect as a gift for friends and family

• Ideal for meditation, relaxation, yoga, sound therapy, or even to use in classrooms

• Scroll to read about the Health Benefits of Singing Bowls + Why Do YOU Need A Singing Bowl?

• Vibrations from Singing Bowls + Your Brain Waves = Detect Vibrational Imbalances and Soothe Stress

• Play by Striking Once OR Rotate around the Rim

❤️ Why do YOU need a Himalayan Singing Bowl? ❤️

• Decreases anxiety and stress
• Lowers anger and blood pressure
• Stimulates blood circulation and blood flow
• Allows for deep relaxation/meditation
• Can help with Pain Relief
• Balances Chakras
• Allows for emotional + mental clarity
• Promotes happiness and general well-being
• Strengthens the immune system
• Soothes Hypertension

❤️ How do you play a Singing Bowl? ❤️
• Hold the Singing Bowl on your flat palm. Make sure your fingertips are not touching the sides of the bowl so you don’t stop the vibrations.
• Hold the mallet pointing downwards. (Mallet Included in Package)
• To start vibrations, strike the bowl once with the mallet.
• Then begin rotating the mallet slowly around the rim of the singing bowl. Apply gentle pressure as to not muffle the vibrations.
• Some people are naturals and others need a bit of practice to get the hang of it.
• So as with most things...PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! :)

Please note that our Chakra bowls all have their own beautiful sounds and match the chakra's color but don't necessarily correspond with the Chakra's note itself.