Loose Brightly Colored Casual Tie-Dye Summer Umbrella Dress

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Cute, comfortable, and colorful are only three words to describe this eye-catching summer dress. With its beautiful tie-dye patterns and embroidered designs on both top and bottom hems, you'll have everyone's heads turning. Go on...zoom in to get a closer look at the enchanting embroidered patterns. Perfect for your busy schedule, this dress is indeed machine-washable. Easy to slip on, this dress can be used as a swimsuit cover-up, for walks, picnics, casual lunches, or just lazing around at home. Made with 100% Rayon, our dresses are flowy and breathable. Due to the uniqueness of tie-dye, slight color variations should be expected when purchasing this item. Handmade with love and hard work from talented artisans, the making of our products follows all fair trade principles and practices. Adding this dress to your cart is another way of saying goodbye to your days of sweating under the sweltering summer sun! QUICK TIPS: *If hand-washing: make sure to handwash separately and then hang-dry *Although machine washable, soaking the product in water and one cup vinegar mix for about half an hour before the first wash will ensure that the vibrant colors don't fade. Approx. Measurements - ONE SIZE FITS MOST Length: 44 inches, Chest: 44 inches **MAKE SURE TO BROWSE THROUGH THE REST OF OUR DRESSES FOR MORE BEAUTIFUL COLORS AND DESIGNS!!!