Himalayan Hemp Shoulder Bag Crossbody Bag

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You've been needing a NEW everyday bag/purse. Well, THIS is the bag for you!


➼ Made with Durable Himalayan Hemp + Himalayan Cotton


- Top Flap (Velcro-closable) with Zipper Pocket

- Top Flap with a pocket to put small necessities like hand sanitizer, phone, masks, lip balm, keys, etc. - Secure and smooth zipper pocket under flap

- Main Compartment closes with a zipper (8 inches X 7 inches)

➼ Split Key Ring to hold decorative keychains, keys, and more!

➼ Adjustable Strap!!

➼ Velcro Flap on top

➼ Velcro Flap has Zipper Pocket + Pocket under design for you to quickly store

➼ Pocket with Zipper (not main compartment) under Velcro Flap

➼ VIVID and BRIGHT colors

➼ Fair Trade on ALL products

➼ Proceeds from purchase support our artisans and their families

This PERFECTLY-sized Hemp Laptop Bag is sure to be your go-to bag! With its beautiful design and beautiful colors, you'll be catching EVERYONES' eyes when going about your daily life. Due to its efficient size, this bag will compliment any of your outfits without taking away TOO much attention from you. ;) Same goes for the cute little design in the center! It's the perfect size to be noticed but also doesn't make things TOO crazy.

At Like International, we believe that FUNCTIONALITY is KEY. That's why despite the GORGEOUS colors and design, this bag is also very high quality and perfect for your busy lifestyle. Normal Purses can be uncomfortable to carry and sometimes...no matter how perfect we think we are...we lose them as we go about our day. (Oops.) But this bag provides a comfortable and lightweight fit while still being able to handle all your needs.

Not only does it have a wide main compartment that is perfect for all of your possessions like your phone, keys, receipts, hand sanitizer, makeup, lip balm, and who KNOWS what else...this bag also has TWO other zipper pockets as well as yet ANOTHER little compartment for you to easily store things under the design! Another helpful feature of this bag is the ADJUSTABLE strap!

(See measurements on top of the description) This allows you to move and adjust as you prefer. So what are you waiting for? You know you want to...add this bag to your cart NOW! :)