Cute patchwork Harem Pants Comfy Joggers

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✿ Size: One-Size Fits Most

✿ Total Pockets: 3 Pockets

✿ Side Pocket (Normal Pocket)

✿ Right Side Pocket is a fannypack-like pocket that has TWO compartments!

✿ Zipper Pocket + Velcro Pocket

✿ ADORABLE Embroidery

✿ Flattering Fit

✿ Waist (Circumference): 24 inches (there is a tie at waist) - 52 inches (stretched)

✿ Length (Leg): 41 inches (there ARE cuffs so you can pull cuff up and down)

✿ Elastic Cuff (Circumference): 10 inches - 24 inches (stretched)

You and your wardrobe NEED these pants. I mean, just LOOK at them! Comfy, cute, handmade, ethnic, unique. It has it all. These flattering harem/genie pants are perfect for festivals, jogging, beach, yoga, running errands, or even just lounging around at home. Made of 100% cotton, these pants are durable as well as soft. They even have DEEP POCKETS! Girls and women, that should SEAL THE DEAL! Talking about pockets, these pants have a fannypack-like pocket that is SURE to get you excited because it's GIGANTIC! You'll NEVER have to worry about not having enough space or lugging around a purse just for your phone. Pair them with a black or white shirt and keep it simple and elegant OR pair them with a cool and extra shirt to have a totally eye-catching outfit. (Go on, zoom in to get a better look.) And only adding to the cuteness, these pants have elastic cuffs, giving your outfit a put-together look along with its fun and boho appearance. (Go on, zoom in to get a better look.)Not only will you be satisfied with your purchase, but you'll also know that your money is going to a good cause. Our artisans and their families back in Nepal genuinely appreciate the pay they get for their dedication to their work. Besides everything else, know that you don't need a GENIE or a magic lamp to get your hands on these ENCHANTING genie/harem pants. Just add it to your cart NOW! QUICK TIPS: *If hand-washing: make sure to handwash separately and then hang-dry *Although machine washable, soaking the product in water and one cup vinegar mix for about half an hour before the first wash will ensure that the vibrant colors don't fade.