Boho Style Patchwork Pants

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Medium/Large (M/L) --- (No Ankle Cuff)
- Waist (Circumference): 22 inch (with waist tie) - 44 inches (stretched)
- Length (Leg): 41 inches

Medium/Large (M/L) --- (Ankle Cuff)
- Waist (Circumference): 22 inch (with waist tie) - 46 inches (stretched)
- Length (Leg): 38 inches
- Ankle Cuff: 11 inches - 20 inches (elastic)

Large/XL --- (No Ankle Cuff)
- Waist (Circumference): 24 inches (with waist tie) - 46 inches (stretched)
- Length (Leg): 42 inches

Large/XL --- (Ankle Cuff)
- Waist (Circumference): 28 inches (with waist tie) - 48 inches (stretched)
- Length (Leg): 42 inches
- Large/XL Ankle Cuff: 12 inches - 22 inches (elastic)

These pants are JUST what you've been looking for. With it's cute and trendy patterns and colors, no wonder even modern teenagers are RAVING. Wear them out to go shopping, to festivals, out jogging, running errands, or even just when lying around at home. Pair these beauties with a plain black or white shirt for that simple but elegant look OR match your shirt with some of the secondary colors in the stripes for an outfit that really POPS. You can even change the overall look of the pants by cuffing the straight leg to show off your shoes! (Go ahead...zoom in for a closer look.)
To only add to the appeal of these pants, these pants have an elastic waist tie/drawstring as well as POCKETS! Ladies, that should SEAL the DEAL. With these pants, no more worrying about not having enough space or having to lug around a hefty purse. But not only will you be happy with your purchase, but you'll also know that your money is going to a good cause. Our artisans and their families back in Nepal genuinely appreciate the pay they get for their dedication to their work.

*If hand-washing: make sure to handwash separately and then hang-dry
*Although machine washable, soaking the product in water and one cup vinegar mix for about half an hour before the first wash will ensure that the vibrant colors don't fade.

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