Black Base Handcarved Himalayan Singing Bowl | 3.7 inch | For Meditation, Stress Relief, Yoga, Relaxation, Sound Therapy, Chakra Balance |

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Your mental health is important. Without peace of can you live your life to the fullest? That's why we make it our goal to send good vibes to your life through our products. HELPFUL DETAILS: ♥ 3.7-inch Diameter ♥ Ideal for meditation, relaxation, yoga, sound therapy, or even to use in classrooms ♥ Scroll to read about the Handcarved Tibetan Symbol Meanings and Health Benefits ♥ Comes with Singing Bowl, Mallet, and Cushion **Please choose the cushion color of your choice in the variations below! :) ♥ Vibrations from Singing Bowls + Your Brain Waves = Detect Vibrational Imbalances and Soothe Stress ♥ Gorgeous Designs (Both on the inside center and outside center) ♥ Handcarved Tibetan Symbols + Mantras Encircling Singing Bowl ♥ Perfect as a gift for your loved ones ♥ Made of the Harmonious Mixture of 7 Different Metals (Copper, Tin, Zinc, Iron, Nickel, Silver, Gold) ♥ Play by Striking Once OR Rotate around the Rim Meet our Black Base Himalayan Handhammered Handcarved Singing Bowl. With gorgeous carvings and an antique-looking color, no wonder it is one of our customer favorites. Although this singing bowl is at an adorable size of 3.7 inches, don't underestimate its ability. Small but fierce, this bowl gives off harmonious waves of sound with every stroke of the mallet/stick. Not only does this bowl have gorgeous designs on the interior of the bowl, but it also has hand-carved Tibetan symbols and mantras around the outside as well as another symbol on the bottom of the bowl. (Scroll to the bottom to read more about the symbols and their meanings) Our bowls are ideal for meditation, relaxation, yoga, sound therapy/healing, spiritual gatherings, and teachers even use it to get the attention of their students in their classrooms. But these bowls are also great for when you just need to let your mind relax in this fast-paced world. All you need is you, the singing bowl, and a quiet environment to truly escape from your stress and worries. When the vibrations from the singing bowl harmonize with your brain waves, they work together to detect any vibrational imbalances in order to correct them. Through the use of these singing bowls, you will be closer to reaching your harmonic self. Why do YOU need a Himalayan Singing Bowl? ♥ Decreases anxiety and stress ♥ Lowers anger and blood pressure ♥ Stimulates blood circulation and blood flow ♥ Allows for deep relaxation/meditation ♥ Can help with Pain Relief ♥ Balances Chakras ♥ Allows for emotional + mental clarity ♥ Promotes happiness and general well-being ♥ Strengthens the immune system ♥ Soothes Hypertension How do you play a Singing Bowl? ♥ Hold the Singing Bowl on your flat palm. Make sure your fingertips are not touching the sides of the bowl so you don't stop the vibrations. ♥ Hold the mallet pointing downwards. (Mallet Included in Package) ♥ To start vibrations, strike the bowl once with the mallet. ♥ Then begin rotating the mallet slowly around the rim of the singing bowl. Apply gentle pressure as to not muffle the vibrations. ♥ Some people are naturals and others need a bit of practice to get the hang of it. ♥ So as with most things...PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! :) Meaning of the Tibetan Symbols on our Singing Bowls: ♥ Om Mani Padme Hum Circle This symbol is perfect for those on the path of finding wisdom and compassion. This rhythmic mantra is used to express the desire to seek enlightenment and love through each syllable. It is said that reciting this mantra while playing the singing bowl (aloud or mentally), reinforces the idea of improving the clarity of body, mind, and speech in the reciter's life. ♥ The Endless Knot This symbol is very powerful and rings so true to some that the endless knot is a common tattoo idea. The Endless Knot is a symbol of the eternal cycle of struggle. The two strands of the knot represent the intertwining of two conflicting sides that join in harmony, the meaning being that all events are related through cause and effect. ♥ Om This symbol is one that has survived through time and even has brought itself into western culture through yoga and meditation. Besides the surface meaning of peace and harmony, Om also represents creation or the beginning. This is the reason that it is used to begin most Sanskrit prayers and mantras. Representing the beginning makes it perfect for those beginning a new task or project in their lives. ♥ Buddha Eyes/Wisdom Eyes This symbol is perfect for those that are beginning a new study or school. This is because the Wisdom Eyes represent all-seeing wisdom, without bias. Buddha was known to be very removed from the material world, which is a characteristic rare in the modern world. It is said that when playing a singing bowl with this symbol, one truly clears their mind and opens up their third eye. Thank you for reading! We appreciate your support and purchase! ☺