Beautiful SMALL Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Meditation Bell

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♥ Top to Bottom (Height): 4.5 inches (11 cm approx.)
♥ Weight: .3 lbs
♥ Ideal for meditation, relaxation, yoga, home decor, sound therapy, or even to use in classrooms
♥ This size is perfect as a dinner bell or as cute little decoration piece
♥ Carving of female face on the represents wisdom surrounding your life through every ring of the bell
♥ Students and scholars frequently purchase this brass bell to ring before taking an important exam or after studying for wisdom
♥ Gorgeous carvings and Meaningful Symbols
♥ Hand-engraved + Handcarved Details
♥ Removable Handle for easy storage, cleaning,
♥ High-quality and of course, FAIR TRADE! <3
♥ Good vibes from us to you! :)

Your mental health is important. Without peace of can you live your life to the fullest? That's why we make it our goal to send good vibes to your life through our products.

Our beautiful brass bells are ideal for meditation, home decor, relaxation, yoga, sound therapy/healing, spiritual gatherings, and teachers even use it to get the attention of their students in their classrooms. However, these bells are also great for when you just need to let your mind relax in this fast-paced world. You can use this bell to call your family to dinner or bring your world wisdom before exams and important discussions.

Why do YOU need a Buddhist/Tibetan Brass Bell?
♥ Decreases anxiety and stress
♥ Lowers anger and blood pressure
♥ Stimulates blood circulation and blood flow
♥ Allows for deep relaxation/meditation
♥ Can help with Pain Relief
♥ Balances Chakras
♥ Allows for emotional + mental clarity
♥ Promotes happiness and general well-being
♥ Strengthens the immune system
♥ Soothes Hypertension