Fabulous Fish Brass Vintage Temple Lock

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This padlock is INCREDIBLE. Nothing FISHY about it! ;)

♥️ Detailed and Funky Fish Design that is totally sophisticated!
♥️ COMES WITH TWO KEYS! (Just in case ;)
***Very secure design because not only do you need a KEY to open this lock, but you have to know to slide up the fin to reveal the keyhole!
♥️ Perfect as a secure padlock, COOL decor, or a gift for that fish lover in your life!
♥️ Detailed Vintage/Antique Look to add to the EPICNESS of this padlock
♥️ Available in 2 colors (Green + Gold)
♥️ Padlocks don't get BETA than this!
♥️ 7 inches x 2.5 inches (approx.)
♥️ 1.1 lbs

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