Beautiful Brass Hanuman Lock Antique/Vintage Looking Padlock

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This padlock is one good enough for the gods! Whether it be Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh, Hanuman, or Kali...we have the lock for you! Make sure to check out our other locks for other gods and goddesses as well as animals! :)

♥️ Detailed and Beautiful Design
♥️ COMES WITH TWO KEYS! (Just in case ;)
♥️ 4 Designs Available (Read more about the gods pictured below.)

- Golden Shiva Lock: This gorgeous lock features Lord Shiva calmly meditating.

- Golden Hanuman Lock: This beautifully detailed lock shows Lord Hanuman looking heroic and brave.

Lord Hanuman = Hindu monkey God of strength, knowledge, Protector of devotees, destroyer of evil

♥️ Perfect as a secure padlock, COOL decor, or a gift for a loved one!
♥️ Beautiful and Meaningful Om Design on the Back
♥️ Detailed Vintage/Antique Look to add to the EPICNESS of this padlock

Lord Shiva = Most powerful Hindu God, God of destruction in order to achieve recreation, God of change